Experience an extraordinary lineup of entertainment at Poe's Improv Theatre, presented in collaboration with Baltimore Improv Group, launching now at the historic Lord Baltimore Hotel. Get ready for a unique blend of mystery, humor, and interactive storytelling with our latest shows: "Murder at the Improv Hotel," "Tabletop Live! An Improv Adventure," and our classic fast-paced comedy show.

Murder at the Improv Hotel

Step into the shoes of a detective with "Murder at the Improv Hotel," a one-of-a-kind interactive murder mystery. Set in the charming ambiance of an early 20th-century hotel, this show immerses you in a captivating narrative filled with peculiar characters, hidden clues, and unforeseen twists. As the audience takes on the role of detectives, you'll collect clues, deliberate on the suspects, and ultimately decide who you think committed the crafty murder, culminating in a thrilling reveal of the perpetrator. Join us for a night where you could crack the case.

Tabletop Live! An Improv Adventure

Dive into a fantastical journey with "Tabletop Live! An Improv Adventure," where the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and improvisational theater collide. This live-action role-play adventure is guided by our expert Dungeon Master and shaped by your choices, weaving a tale filled with mythical beasts, epic confrontations, and enchanting enigmas. It’s an evening where every decision spins the story in new directions, promising an epic blend of laughter and legend.

Poe's Improv Theatre at the Lord Baltimore Hotel

Prepare for an exhilarating evening of improv comedy with Poe's Improv Theatre's signature short-form show, courtesy of the Baltimore Improv Group. Witness the magic of impromptu comedy as our adept performers transform audience suggestions into a rapid succession of witty sketches. This dynamic show guarantees an engaging and humorous experience for all, showcasing the unpredictable brilliance of live improv.

Special Feature Nights

Our repertoire also includes special themed nights such as "Murder at the Improv," a creative fusion of crime drama and comedy improvisation, and "Tabletop Live," a unique blend of live-action role-play and humor. These special performances offer innovative twists on our regular programming, introducing a fresh mix of comedy, mystery, and interactive fun.

Join us at the Lord Baltimore Hotel for an unforgettable series of shows that promise more than just a viewing experience — here, you're an integral part of the narrative. Whether you're drawn to the suspense of mysteries, the allure of fantasy, or the joy of laughter, Poe's Improv Theatre and Baltimore Improv Group invite you to become part of a community celebrating the art of storytelling in all its forms. Don't miss this captivating array of performances where the story unfolds with you at the heart of it.

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