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Stage Magic

Stage illusions are performed for large audiences, typically within a theatre or auditorium. This type of magic is distinguished by large-scale props, the use of assistants, and often exotic animals such as elephants and tigers. Recently, cameras and projectors have allowed for close-up magic to be stage shows without expensive props.

Parlor Magic

Parlor magic is done for larger audiences than close-up magic (which is for a few people or even one person) and for smaller audiences than stage magic. In parlor magic, the performer is usually standing and on the same level as the audience, which may be seated on chairs or even on the floor.

Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic (or table magic) is performed with the audience close to the magician, sometimes even one-on-one. It usually makes use of everyday items as props, such as cards (see Card manipulation), coins (see Coin magic), and seemingly ‘impromptu’ effects. This may be called “table magic,” particularly when performed as dinner entertainment.


Mentalism creates the impression in the minds of the audience that the performer possesses special powers to read thoughts, predict events, control other minds, and similar feats. It can be presented on a stage, in a cabaret setting, before small close-up groups, or even for one spectator.

Virtual Magic

Online magic tricks were designed to function on a computer screen. The computer screen affords ways to incorporate magic, from the magician’s wand to the computer mouse. More recently, virtual performers have been experimenting with captivating digital animations and illusions that blur the lines between magic tricks and reality.


Theatrical séances simulate spiritualistic or mediumistic phenomena for theatrical effect.

Corporate Magic

Corporate magic or trade show magic uses magic as a communication and sales tool, as opposed to just straightforward entertainment. Corporate magicians may come from a business background and typically present at meetings, conferences and product launches. They run workshops and can sometimes be found at trade shows, where their patter and illusions enhance an entertaining presentation of the products offered by their corporate sponsors.

Underground/Street Magic

Underground, or Street magic, is a form of performing or busking that employs a hybrid of stage magic, mentalism, platform, and close-up magic, usually performed ‘in the round’ or surrounded by the audience.

Shock/Geek/Sideshow Magic

Shock magic is a genre of magic that shocks the audience. Sometimes referred to as “geek magic,” it takes its roots from circus sideshows, in which ‘freakish’ performances were shown to audiences. Common shock magic or geek magic effects include eating razor blades, needle-through-arm, string through neck and pen-through-tongue.

Psychic Entertainment

Psychic entertainment is a form of entertainment that incorporates psychic phenomena and other related topics. It is a type of show that features psychic mediums, psychics, palmistry, tarot card readers, and other related topics.

Bizarre Magic

Bizarre magic is a branch of stage magic that creates eerie effects through its use of narratives and esoteric imagery. The experience may be more akin to small, intimate theater or to a conventional magic show. Bizarre magic often uses horror, supernatural, and science fiction imagery in addition to the standard commercial magic approaches of comedy and wonder.

Our Magicians

Adam Stone

Stage | Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling | Mentalism

Adam is an amazing magician, mentalist, and entertainer who has performed all over the US for private events, corporate shows, and colleges.

Vince Wilson

Stage | Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Mentalism | Bizarre | Séance | Psychic Entertainment | Street | Underground

Vince is an award-winning, internationally recognized theatrical magician. He has performed in the US and Europe. Vince has also been on the PBS, the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and more!

Bradley Barefoot

Stage | Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Mentalism | Bizarre | Séance | Psychic Entertainment | Street | Underground

From the Pennsylvania Appalachians comes Bradley Barefoot. Weaver of tales, spinner of spells, and the horror of Puritans, Bradley will share with you his family stories, folk magic, and introduce you to some of the spirits that reside in the mountains.

Mystical TeAnna

Psychic Entertainment

TeAnna is charming, funny, and always mysterious. She is a master intuitive reader and is able to perceive secrets buried inside, gain knowledge that will help with your future, and help you better understand your past.

William Gross

Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling

Baltimore magician William Gross receives five-star rave reviews wherever he performs. Mr. Gross performs top-notch magic at corporate functions and posh private events. All shows include jaw-dropping magic, clean humor, and unforgettable interaction.

John Gazman

Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling

New Jersey native John Gazmen has been entertaining in Baltimore for years with his hilarious and amazing magical skills.

Scott Stoolmiller

Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling

Scott Stoolmiller, a.k.a STOOpedous Magic, has been entertaining adults and children in the Baltimore/Washington, DC/VA area for over 20 years. A full time, professional magician who specializes in close-up, sleight-of-hand magic.

Chuck Thomas

Stage| Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling

Chuck began performing magic as a kid in the 1970s. Since returning to the stage in 2017, He’s performed at various theaters and other venues in the Washington, DC metro area. Chuck also performed magic at numerous corporate events.


Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling

Dakota is outrageous and original! You will be hard-pressed to follow up this hot new magician!

Josiah Emery

Parlor | Close-up | Corporate | Strolling

Josiah has skills that are hard to match! Incredible and unique best describe this wonderful magician!