Lord Baltimore Hotel Ghost Tours

Fri, Jun 14, 2024
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Lord Baltimore Hotel Ghost Tours

with Louis Vittorio , Scott Hitchcock , Mystical TeAnna and Vince Wilson

The tours are hosted by our mysterious hosts:

  • Vince Wilson, Paranormalist. Vince has been on many paranormal TV shows, podcasts, and more! He is an author of books on the paranormal and lectured extensively on the topic.
  • The Mystical TeAnna. Psychic entertainer and supernaturally sensitive, TeAnna has appeared on WJZ-TV in Baltimore and is a highly renowned tarot reader.
  • Scott Hitchcock. Scott is an internationally recognized award-winning performer, magician, and storyteller. His engaging style will have you enthralled!

Louis Vittorio

Scott Hitchcock

Dive into the exhilarating world of Scott Hitchcock, the “Vegas Vaudevillian!” A sensation who dazzles with a kaleidoscope of talents, Scott is not just a performer; he’s an experience. He’s the epitome of entertainment, from mind-bending magic to intricate verses, captivating stories, soul-stirring music, and gravity-defying juggling.

Venturing internationally? Language barriers vanish in the face of Scott’s talent. Without uttering a word, his mesmerizing tricks and contagious comedy captivate audiences, transcending boundaries and leaving everyone spellbound… like pure, unadulterated magic!

Mystical TeAnna

TeAnna is charming, funny, and always mysterious. She is a master intuitive reader and is able to perceive secrets buried inside, gain knowledge that will help with your future, and help you better understand your past.

Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson has been on PBS, The Discovery Channel, NatGeo, Travel Channel, and Destination America as well as hundreds of local TV shows, radio, podcasts, and print media. Vince has been practicing magic since he was 12 years old. He is a master mentalist and has even invented several original illusions and reinvented several others. In September 2022, Vince appeared on the cover of the magician international publication The Linking Ring Magazine and wrote the feature article. In May 2023 Vince performed and lectured at the Magic Circle in London

Is mind reading possible? Vince Wilson will challenge the skeptic in anyone with what appears to be real psychic ability! He will accurately foretell the answers to a series of questions in advance! Vince will read the minds of volunteers with his fantastic book challenges! MIND = EXPLODED!

From simple card tricks to enthralling stories enhanced with impossible wonder, Vince brings the extraordinary to any event. His mentalism is on par with some of the most outstanding performers in the world. He’s performed in intimate, private events and in front of hundreds. Do not accept generic magic, but the world-class magic that Vince Wilson provides!

Vince Wilson can perform almost every type of magic performance. From Stage and Parlor to Close-up and Strolling - he has experience with enchanting entertainment.